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Your first session


This is your first session? Welcome!


At the beginning of each session a warm up of about 45 minutes will take place with music and without instructions;  a time for everyone to arrive, land in their bodies and begin to move at their own pace.


Instructions will be given after the warm up. They are simple and will guide the exploration, no more, no less ... For in this practice there is no 'wrong' or 'right’, and exploration is welcome.


Some information for your comfort:


  • Come dance in the comfortable clothes (with layers in the winter) and barefoot (preferably) or with clean and suitable dance shoes (no socks to prevent falls)


  • Remember to bring water and take care of your own body, needs and limitations. Thank you for not eating/chewing gum during the practice so as to prevent risks of suffocation


  • Ensure your own physical safety and that of others;  keep your eyes open


  • Thank you for remaining silent in the room and turn your mobile phone back on after the practice so as to facilitate everyone’s focus


  • If during the session you feel tired, invite the dance of fatigue rather than stop ... So as to allow your energy to renew itself more easily


  • Emotions are welcome: you can let circulate fear, anger, sadness, joy … through your breathing and your movements...


  • When you dance with a partner, stay true to yourself and your dance - while being in connection with that person - and find the right distance for you.


  • Know that everything that is alive has a dance, your only task is to find and express yours. Enjoy!


  • We usually end sessions with a talking circle, where you have the opportunity to share your experiences or ask questions (in your language if it's easier).


If you have a health or a psychological challenge, or if you are pregnant, please share with the teacher before class so that she can accompany you at best.


Please note that the sessions’ fee or the workshops’ fee does not include additional insurance coverage; you remain responsible for yourself and need to have your own insurance policy.

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