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What happens in a 5Rhythms class?

While every class is different - each class will provide instruction in the 5Rhythms, whether that is the full Wave (the 5Rhythms in sequence) or focusing on one or another of the rhythms and its energies. There will be a warm-up period (often uninstructed but may include facilitation), a teaching, and exercises for exploring the teaching. We’ll move to a variety of different kinds of music, or no music at all, to support embodying the rhythms. There may be a combination of individual, partnered, and group work. Some classes are more structured than others but all classes provide the opportunity to be moved by and with the 5Rhythms.

What is the difference between classes and workshops?

Classes are short sessions (2 hours to 2 hours and a half) that occur on a regular (generally weekly) schedule.

Workshops are longer-format events (from half-day to multiple days) that explore a theme thru the 5Rhythms maps providing an opportunity for intense and in-depth study.

What are the different types of classes offered?

=> Weekly ‘Practice Sessions’ are open to anyone from new-comers to long-time practitioners of any age (16 years old and more) or physical condition unless otherwise noted in the class listing. They are designed to learn and practice the different facets of the 5 Rhythms week after week. Beginners can join the practice via a session at any time of the year.

=> The 'LAB' sessions or laboratory for the 5 Rhythms offer the possibility to explore the 5 Rhythms through complementary or different approaches than usually proposed.  They are an opportunity to broaden the repertoire of experiences and discoveries.

Whether you are a beginner on the dancing path or you’re already an experienced dancer, you'll be encouraged to be curious about your next steps both on and off the dance floor.

=> Sweat Your Prayers™ is a gathering where we bring our individual 5Rhythms practice and move through the rhythms of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness with intention and in community.  Led by a 5Rhythms teacher, the intention of this class is to have relatively little instruction. It offers the possibility to practice what was learnt in previously attended 5Rhythms classes.

Prerequisite: at least one session of 5 Rhythms dance class with a certified teacher.

What do I need to bring to a 5Rhythms class?

It is suggested that you dress comfortably in clothing that you don’t mind sweating in and allows you a full range of motion. You may want to bring layers so you don’t get cold, and/or a small towel to dry off with. We dance bare-footed or in light-soled dance shoes. Bring a bottle of water and your curiosity. That’s all you need.

Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness?

No experience or level of fitness is required to begin your 5Rhythms practice.

I have/had an injury. I am sick. I am exhausted. Can I still do 5Rhythms?

The 5Rhythms is a simple and flexible practice that can be experienced by anyone regardless of their physical limitations. Because there is no specific “routine” to follow you will be able to participate at your own pace, within your own capacity to move, including sitting on a chair or laying on the floor.   If you have a physical challenge listen to and follow your own judgment, consult with your primary physician to understand what kind of movements or intensity your body can or cannot sustain. Let the teacher know about your condition so that she can accompany you at best.

What if I’m REALLY terrified?

First of all remember that right on the other side of that terror there’s excitement. Take to heart that the 5Rhythms practice has the room for you to move with however you’re feeling. There’s nothing to get right and you can’t get it wrong so there is nothing for you to “do” except move in whatever way you feel in the moment. You will not be the first person to be so terrified that you just barely made it over the threshold of the door. Once in the room we will encourage you to move and find the freedom to give shape to what is present for you, no more, no less.

I feel shy! What should I do?

You are not alone. Most people feel shy when beginning something new.  Take your time, ease your way in, don’t push yourself. Everybody began once :=). You will not be put on the spot, there is no one watching and evaluating you. Most people find that they are able to relax and enjoy the exploration surprisingly fast, and that the overall ambience of respect and support quickly helps you feel at ease.

I have never danced before. Am I welcome?

The movement vocabulary you can embody will be a wonderful palette for your improvised dance, you will be able explore way beyond it, free your creativity, and develop your sense of confidence.

I have danced choreographed dance, what will the 5 Rhythms do for me?

The movement vocabulary you can embody will be a wonderful palette for your improvised dance, you will be able explore way beyond it, free your creativity, and develop your sense of confidence.

Do you practice the 5 Rhythms alone or with a partner?

You would always start to move by yourself in order to connect to your own body sensations, energy, and needs.  After that there could be moments of interaction with someone else or the group in alternance with moments by yourself. Physical contact is always by choice. In this practice we value as much our need for contact and connection with the others as our need to set clear boundaries.

Is the practice related to a set of beliefs or an ideology?

There is no ideology in this practice; everyone is rather encouraged to discover their own truth.

I need alcohol or drugs to dance!

Welcome to a new adventure! Alcohol or drugs are usually used to become less self-conscious and let go of our inhibitions because we have not learnt how to give ourselves permission to do so otherwise.  You will learn how to “warm up” and connect your body sensations, energy, emotions and let your mind rest a little … then it all happens naturally.

What if I do not like the music, I am upset, or my mind is restless?

If you try to suppress an emotion or an obsessive thought, often it will strengthen and stay with you as you have not given it enough space. Instead, find a way to put that emotion or thought in your dance: give it movement, breath, energy.  Everything that is moved eventually transforms itself and allows you to move on to something else.

Do you provide insurance coverage?

The fee paid for a session, a group of sessions, or a workshop does not provide for insurance coverage. Please note that you should have your own liability insurance policy and take responsibility for your own health and full liability for any damage or harm you may cause to yourself, any other person, any property or personal belongings of any party including the space of the event.

How do I become a teacher?

To become a 5Rhythms teacher you must complete a year-long certification program. Check on  for more information about the pre-requisites and application process for the teacher training. If you are interested in becoming a teacher the best way to start is to attend as many classes and workshops as possible in order to deepen your embodiment and understanding of the practice. Please note that only classes and workshops with the teachers listed on will count towards pre-requisite hours.

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