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The art of regulating the nervous system through movement.

Note: This workshop will mostly be delivered in French with English as needed :-)

When our nervous system has the fluidity to navigate between its different states, a transformation can take shape in our being and our presence to the world: we can relate more easily, our capacity to adapt unfolds and our joy of living radiates.   Movement and the body are essential for this fluidity. 

This workshop will allow us to befriend our nervous system as the companion that it is.   We will explore different tools that will allow us to get to know it better and to navigate between stimulation and appeasement, between protection strategies and connection, between survival and ALIVENESS. These practical and concrete tools will allow us, at the end of the workshop, to continue the dialogue with our nervous system and to deepen this encounter in an autonomous way.

5Rhythms and TRE will be precious allies in this adventure (all information on the 5Rhythms here: and on the TRE here: ).
To foster a deep exploration and a safe environment, places are limited for this workshop.


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