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To Dance is to Love Again


As we go through the daily routine, we can lose connection to the very sparkle of life that once was love … for a practice, for a partner, for a friend, for life itself.

To dance is to love again…


… because as you dance your creative self awakens again.  You see the world anew, the other one from a different perspective, all and everything becomes beautiful again.  You can be fascinated and rise in love again.  


As we go back to our bodies and let them dance and be danced, we can find our way back to stomping feet, flying hands, curved hips.  We can explore the billions of cells in our bodies, find 1001 ways to express what has been longing to come out, sweat, let go of old stories and let our souls surprise us.


Dare to meet yourself, the other, the group and see the beauty of us, together!

~ Workshop in English/French. Register via email: cecilemail@gmail.com ~