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Nouvelles dates suite confinement:

9 & 10 Mai 2020, même lieu, mêmes horaires ! :=)

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REUNITE ! ~ A 5 Rhythms Workshop

“Unleashing our power through the Rhythms and their shadows”

First we will find ways to be awake in the body, in the heart and in the mind as we move through the 5 Rhythms, exploring in depth their energy and hidden treasures, letting them teach us their medicine: fluidity, focus, surrender, creative freedom and connection.

Each of us will be able to discover which of those Rhythms is natural and feels at home.

Then we’ll navigate in the shadows of each Rhythm…  Knowing in our whole being when we are stuck in inertia, rigidity, confusion, when we are spaced out or numb… Being able to catch ourselves as we shut down and loose connection with ourselves and the world around. Owning the parts of us that we usually push away...in the shadows.

Finally we will find in the body, in the breath, in the movement the medicine to unleash the stuck energies, combining light and shadows to become our whole pulsating, juicy, powerful beings!

~ Workshop in English/French. Register via email: cecilemail@gmail.com ~