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Creativ’Move creates tailored trainings, coachings and events for these institutions, organizations and companies. A few exemples of realizations including body intelligence, awareness and movement to allow the experience and the learning to be inscribed to the cellular level.


Coaching of directors and managers to facilitate their transition to increased leadership responsibilities and roles.Engineering and Training of the whole organization on communication management and creativity in the context of european lobbying


Outplacement process for groups of people.Tailored career coaching for executives.Engineering and Training of groups on stress management, professional projects, communication, leadership.



Engineering and Team Building for the whole team.


Engineering and Team Building for the whole team in the frame of organizational changes.

Creativity and Internal communication.



In a very competitive and ever changing environment, coaching of staff members while changing jobs. 



Executive coaching, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and work life balance

Executive coaching.  Professionnal project change management.

Facilitation of the 5 Rhythms practice for the students as  an addition to their curriculum  to enhance  relationships between students.



Introduction to the 5 Rhythms practice at a european forum, team spirit and universal body language   

Co Management with The European Women Lobby of the ‘One Billion Rising’ event in 2013  - violence prevention through movement - and facilitation of a spontaneous movement session for 1000 people.


Facilitation of weekly spontaneous movement sessions during six months in the male psychiatric section to enhance a positive relationship to the body in view of civil life reintegration

Spontaneous movement sessions for upper primary children, body and sensations awareness, self knowledge,  rhythms of learning and learning patterns,  enhanced concentration

Facilitation of spontaneous movement sessions for primary children for conflicts management, learning to live together: boundaries and cultural differences.

Stress management and enhanced concentration as a preparation for end of primary exams. 

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