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The dance floor is an amazing metaphor for our lives.


When you come to dance, do you give yourself permission to trust your feet and let them take you in the space? Do you give yourself permission to meet the other dancers with your whole being? The permission to let your voice out? The permission to dance what is present and true in the moment, your energy, your feelings, your thoughts and all the inner conflicts? 

As we allow all that lives inside of us to flow, to unfold as much as necessary to be met, to express itself, to create in the moment and to be, we bring cohesion in an inner world full of division: what I feel, what I want, what I must or should do, what I can’t or shouldn’t do... We give permission to the whole and all its bits and pieces. We give ourselves permission!

Permission offers possibilities and flexibility when we meet inner rigid commands and rules. Permission creates space and expansion. With permission, we learn to trust the unknown, we meet ourselves deeper, anchoring our choices and actions in wholeness rather than division.
Permission is a gift, taking you by the hand towards greater autonomy!

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