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The Night of the Senses

To DANCE is to explore and CELEBRATE the experience of being ALIVE. To dance is to strengthen our connection to our senses. The very senses that give texture to our experience of being alive, moment after moment. To dance is to meet our SENSUALITY. To dance is to chose to be PRESENT to our life force in movement. To dance is to surrender to life moving through us, to delight in our existence.

Are you ready to dance all night?

The night of the senses will be the opportunity to honor our senses as we dance. We will alternate between LIVE MUSIC, silence and recorded music. We will be able to taste the awakening and heart opening potency of CACAO. We will vibrate to the sound of the DRUMS. Diving in many dances and receiving the support of the whole group.



Cédric de Lièvre & Raphael Collignon will accompany our feet with their LIVE music/


Benoit de Meyer will guide the rituals and the drumming circle.

Lou Deblon will offer a sound bath

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