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As we are going back to the routine of the year with school, work, projects, social life, we might put back on the costume of us being in the daily stress again. How do we not go back to the numbing of this routine? how do we not harden and loose connection to our soft essence?


When softening and melting in the body, we can soften and melt the armor around our hearts and the barriers separating and preventing changes in our minds.

Melting: to flow and adapt.

Melting: to use just enough energy, express and release.

Melting: to transform old protections, to surrender to what is. 

Melting: to let new forms emerge and find our expansion.

Melting: to connect to our essence and the essence of everyone and everything around us.

Melting: An essential part of the alchemy unfolding through the movement.


In this workshop, we will use the map of the 5 Rhythms, inviting body, heart and mind to soften and melt. We will also call on the practice of TRE to soften and melt further. In a gentle yet sustained path towards expansion for our essence to manifest in the world on a daily basis.


To foster a deep exploration and a safe environment, places are limited for this workshop.