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LOST & FOUND (English)

In the day to day imperatives of professional deadlines, needs and wants of our loved ones, traffic jams,  screens, news headlines… we can get ‘lost in translation’, disconnected from our personal truth, from our personal power, from our nature, from our soul…
As we go back to our bodies and let them dance and be danced, we can find our way back to stomping feet, flying hands, curved hips and the stories they have been holding for us. We can unpack our lives and find our way back to our soul.
Dance is the language of the soul, what is there to be heard?
A journey in movements to RE-MEMBER ourselves, to find our feet and hands, to explore the billions of
cells in our bodies,  to find 1001 ways to express what has been longing to come out, to sweat, let go of old stories and let our souls surprise us.




~ Workshop in English/French. Register via email: cecilemail@gmail.com ~