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Born in France, I have traveled and often lived abroad. After more than 13 years in the business world where I have managed large multi-cultural teams in various sectors, I shifted my professional activities in 2005 towards coaching, training and facilitation of personal development workshops.


Passionate and curious, I enjoy exploring, sharing and co-creating with people in a ‘down to earth’, no ‘non sense’ yet playful way, inclusive of all that is this present:


  • the body, movement and sensations;

  • the emotions;

  • the thoughts and beliefs, the creativity and the intuition;

  • the relationships, the other one and the  group as mirrors and catalysts for change.





... With companies, organizations and institutions


My approach of coaching and training encourages body awareness and movement enquiries to facilitate learning through embodiment; down to the cellular level.  And inspire creativity and clarity of expression.


I create with you "tailored experiences" allowing potentials to become visible and creating direct access to the resources through the body's memory. 


I foster autonomy by inviting to practice new learning in simple and practical ways in between sessions.


Trained in numerous approaches and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master,  systemic and somatic certified Coach and certified Sophrology facilitator (method of relaxation and active meditation), I offer a clear, vibrant, and dynamic framework. 




Expertise areas: Team building, project management. Leadership, interpersonal communication, stress management, emotions management, setting and respecting boundaries. Somatic Coaching. Career coaching. Creative processes and artists residencies ... An approach 100% tailored to the culture, values and the current situation within your organization.






... With individuals


One on One: I accompany you in discovering your potential and talents and in the implementation of your personal and professional projects.


In groups: As a dancer and 5 Rhythms certified teacher, I trust the wisdom and medicine of organic spontaneous instinctive movements.


I invite you to 5Rhythms workshops I facilitate on a regular basis with great pleasure.


I invite you to connect to your uniqueness, your inner “choreography”. I invite you to dance it and embody it in your life. I invite you to dance your life - close to your soul - in innocence – spontaneity – fluidity - and vitality.


One step at a time… can you hear the music? 


"I received my invitation to this world's festival, and I danced all I could."

Indian proverb

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu

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