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ALIVE 2 ! ~ A 5 Rhythms & VOICE  Workshop

When the movement is awakened by our senses and our emotions, it creates itself in an authentical and spontaneous way. Our body then dances the expression of our heart, it opens, protects itself, defends itself, lets itself be touched, celebrates..  The voice offers the ultimate extension of our presence in the world, it expresses what is alive for us, offers a path to the emotions, allows us to release tensions in the body, and to connect to our power, our verticality, and our inner unity.


The body in movement, the breath and the sounds together allow us to relate to our emotions and open the space for their transformation.

In this journey through the HeartBeat 5 Rhythms’ map, we will alternate and weave together dances and sounds to play, to express what is true for each of us at each moment, and to follow the movement of our emotions, setting ourselves on our path to transformation.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to combine movement and voice through the practice of 2 teachers and does not aim at any aesthetic or artistic result. It does not require any physical ability nor any particular experience in voice or movement and the participation in the previous ALIVE workshop. Only the intention to be present moment by moment and to give shape and voice to the life that passes through us!

Sunday morning will be an opportunity to practice in nature.

Anne Nutelet: "I am convinced that expressing oneself through voice and movement not only brings joy and well-being, but is also healing and transformative. It is a wonderful way to reach out to yourself and to others.  I accompany you in the exploration of your creativity and the expression of your voice. " www.annenutelet.com

~ Workshop in English/French. Register via email: cecilemail@gmail.com ~